Dubai ’s Most Luxurious Hotel Room | Atlantis

Dubai ’s Most Luxurious Hotel Room | Atlantis


Dubai has some of the coolest and most luxurious hotels in the world. Every 5 star hotel tends to have a presidential suite reserved for their VIP guests. However, Atlantis the Palm in Dubai offers a suite unlike anything I’ve ever seen.This is the Royal Bridge Suite at Atlantis the Palm. At 10,000 square feet and up to $60,000 per night, it’s among the most expensive hotel suites in Dubai and one of the most luxurious hotel suites in the world. Today @sergi.galiano takes you through one of the coolest hotel “rooms” you will ever see and even has a special surprise reveal of the Atlantis Underwater Suite.You can follow Supercar Blondie on:

i’m gonna show you a hotel room worth sixty thousand dollars per night we’re at atlantis and that’s where we’re going to the royal bridge suite look at the cars let’s go inside come on i’m in the private elevator of the royal bridge suite and here it is look at the size of this chandelier i mean if that thing falls on your head it’s game over all right look at the size of this place this is 10 000 square feet and look at the ceiling everything here is hand painted and it looks incredible right that over there is the main lounge area but before i show you that let’s go to the billiard room this hotel room when you book it actually comes with four butlers four full-time butlers you know to make you some drinks get you some food whatever you need and this is the main area which i think looks insane and what you’ll notice is that everything is underwater themed so even the pillars you have these like scaled pillars all the way to the top you know like seashells on the rug by the way this is a massive rug this rug is underrated i don’t actually know the size of this thing but it goes completely end to end 100 inch tv i mean look at me standing next to this thing this thing is like two times the size of me this is also like a seashell themed kind of little uh what would you call this like a lounge chair it’s comfy you know it looks cool but it’s uh it’s very comfy too you have your rolex watch tell you the time why not i mean this thing does cost 60 000 a night right massive chess board and i think someone’s already made the first move that right there is a rookie move what you want to do is start with this but that’s that’s the good move that’s how you want to start all right over here what i think is super cool is what’s behind this door because we are in the middle of the ocean we are on a floating artificial palm in dubai smack dab in the middle at the atlantis hotel and just to show you the size of this it’s huge look i’ll show you a little drone shot to show you where we are we’re in between the two main spires of the atlantis hotel and right underneath us is nothing we’re hovering over that big gap at the hotel let’s go back inside i’m out of breath what i think is super cool is that that balcony over there is to see sunrise on the other side i have another balcony just as big see the sun set take a look at that right on the water the view on the water is pretty nice but you also have the view to all the coolest cars all right back inside on this side of the suite you have what for me is the biggest dining room table i’ve ever seen in a hotel suite it is huge hey can you can you uh can you pass me the salt uh yeah one second uh just mail it to me more hand-painted ceilings each one of them is completely different and the chandeliers are just a bunch of little glass jellyfish super super cool on this side we have a guest broom one of the guest bedrooms more of that one of those ceiling paintings up there this is the first guest bedroom and yes this is crazy this is awesome high ceilings but the master bedroom is like 100 times cooler than that you’re not going to believe it walk-in closet the bathroom even the little the little squirter what are in the bathtub and let’s go over to the other side all right so when you pay 60 000 a night what does the master room look like all the way that way you have one more bathroom in there a little bit small kind of like a guest bathroom but in here we have yet another guest room i mean this suite has three separate guest rooms and these are like you know these are each queen bed so you have a lot of friends over a lot of friends out of family they obviously of course get their own little private space another bathtub i mean usually you see this like this kind of bathtub in a master bedroom and some other hotel around the building like oh okay okay that’s pretty nice that’s pretty nice but uh yeah it’s gonna get a lot crazier this way all right that’s the chandelier again it looks incredible but you know i i kind of panic when i walk underneath that thing that right there is a massage room but what’s even cooler is that when you book this hotel suite you get unlimited amounts of massages i mean you can bring 10 friends family over they can each get like six massages in a row it’s all complimentary it comes with the hotel all right are you ready this is the master bedroom take a look at this look at the ceiling all centered around that chandelier and guess who has slept on this bed kim kardashian not sure if kanye west was here too but uh kim was here kim was sleeping underneath these blankies you know her husband on this pillow you can probably find a little hair follicle in there and make yourself a clone kim kardashian just saying pretty good business model all right over here you have your first little private office to take care of some you know very important deals pretty cool there you have the walk-in closet for her and over here we have the first master bathroom look at these tunes this thing looks like a temple i mean with all the arches everywhere marble it’s just it’s just a whole different level of bathroom i mean look at that shower again everything here that looks gold is 22 karat plated gold that means everything from the knobs to even the toilet paper holder it’s gold-plated even the shampoos and soaps have gold in them let’s actually focus so i got some of this i can actually probably sell this this way you have the same thing but for him there it is again you see when when you’re in this kind of suite you just think like oh my god this is crazy but try to compare this to the average presidential suite you get around the world in five star hotels i mean this thing is just not even the next level it’s like 10 levels beyond that i thought of absolutely everything the space is massive they have another walk-in closet i don’t know who brings so many clothes as to fill up two separate walk-in closets but hey you know maybe kim k at your other office get more business taken care of let’s talk about what you wake up to right you’re sleeping here every morning and you can wake up to this incredible view very private no one else can see what you’re doing all right i want to show you one more thing this is a completely different hotel suite and it is under water what when have you ever seen that you have sharks look at that shark right there there’s a shark you have stingrays right down there there’s a stingray and you can literally just hang out here this by the way is one of the comfiest little sofas i’ve ever sat on and just hang out with the fish there it is shark what that’s where you sleep but this is your bathroom look at that you have a school of fish coming by as you’re chilling in the bathtub i mean this is just for me this is my traveling this is beautiful wow i’m like mesmerized by the fish i’m like trying to i’m trying to show you guys the room but i’m just like you get carried away if you have a hotel 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