Dubai’s World Islands Private Mansion Tour!

Dubai’s World Islands Private Mansion Tour!


This $24 million dollar mansion has a real snow ❄️️ room… in the middle of the desert!!! 😲 We took a trip out by boat to the island known as Sweden, to see how people will be living out on the World Islands. Thanks to @thehearteurope for showing us around. Everything on this island is self sustaining. This is one of the requirements to build on these islands. Thanks for watching guys! xxSpecial thanks to / @thoe_dubai / / @resistancer_gyrd

wow this is where i would hang out we just landed on sweden and i was like is that sweden too no that’s germany so we’re on the world islands you guys in dubai welcome to the supercar blondie channel i’m going to show you around one of the most epic villas in the world we are currently in like 45 degree celsius weather and this villa has a snow room a snow room how crazy is that right let’s go they’ve actually imported hundreds of plants from the maldives all specialized plants that can live in this kind of temperature we’re surrounded by sea water salt water so they’ve actually installed a whole desalination plant on the island so that you can get drinking water and to water all of the plants like a massive forest how crazy is that wow wait i we’re no longer in dubai i feel this totally transports you doesn’t it we’re in bali or the moth wow that’s insane so this is a totally self-sustainable island you have to be in order to uh develop on the world islands underneath here is a whole irrigation system that feeds these plants from the desalination plant oh my god you guys it’s like 10 degrees cooler in here than it is out on the beach that’s crazy look mosquitoes we have wild tropical mosquitoes tropical mosquitoes watch out wait what is i feel air con i was like oh what’s that what’s kind of crazy is that this whole place is furnished by bentley i see cars i see cars friendly bentley hello look at this i’ve never seen this before i’ve never actually seen bentley furniture before yeah that’s cool oh look at this stitching that’s crazy i was thinking does the house come with a bentley but that kind of doesn’t make sense right so so let’s have a look around oh look just in case you didn’t know where you were you’re in you’re on sweden let me just explain this to you because i i know some of you watching have no idea what the world islands are they’ve built an entire world made out of 300 islands off the coast of dubai and that’s where we are right now on one of those 300 islands so each island is a different country we are on sweden and then i can see germany just across the way and so you can actually build whatever you want on one of these islands and be completely away from the hustle and bustle but it all needs to be self-sustainable so that’s kind of cool are you just moving in now i feel like a million dollars soak it up because we actually need to leave in like 10 minutes you know you can get used to this this is like the perfect infinity pool isn’t it you really can’t see where the pool ends and where the ocean starts let’s go outside how much does something like this cost 80 million dirhams which is what 23 million dollars nothing for super crab london no man that’s it buy my cap so i can buy this place when you buy this what you get is the actual land the villa sits on it also includes part of the ocean so your tidal deed includes all of this land and you own a part of the ocean i feel like the islands are a little bit too close together yeah but your neighbor your next neighbor is super vip it’s like bill gates over there elon musk down there that’s true yeah probably just wave to like them good morning good morning it’s like an inspirational neighborhood and they’re like germany’s the best no sweden’s the best sweden’s snow room so this is a dragon head and you might wonder what in the world it is doing there now this villa is actually meant to look like a viking ship turned on its head all right so joffrey let’s see this place show us the dragon yeah we want to see what’s up top the main way that you get electricity to this house is all through solar power that’s crazy so honestly like you don’t need to be connected to the mainland at all who does your groceries like you just send someone to the mainland and in a helicopter or something it’s not even the kind of problem you worry about if you’re on this place that’s true make it happen make it happen yeah exactly all right let’s show you around inside we’ve got a snow room to show you all right we’re heading after you thank you lg so there’s three there’s four floors eight people this is the swedish bunker when things go wrong so on each island they try and bring ideas from that country to the villa and this is one of those ideas like how do you go to a spa in sweden you go from the sauna straight into the snow oh look at this gin nice look you’ve got like kind of rolls royce the massage room and what they’re going for is um the northern lights like the feel of the northern lights right guys i’m in the desert in the extreme heat through this door is a snow room check this out what oh wait no way that is so much building a snowman look at this so it actually actively keeps building snow up all day i’m sure you can turn this upright like so it feels more so yeah so you can have this whole room full of snow that’s out of stock yeah that’s glitzer okay so you might be going oh my god this is ridiculous you watch it um it’s actually all self-sustaining i’m not sure how it works really but it has layers that actually takes the heat and the humidity from outside and then converts it into snow in here so you’re not actually wasting electricity and the reason why they built this is because in sweden when you go for like a spa day you go from the sauna which is right there straight into the soap and then like you run out of the sauna and then you go and do like angels in the snow look at this you’ve got a brown bear from bentley from bentley no less look you’ve got stitching here in the bed head and then you’ve got like a biggest in the middle of your bedroom that’s awesome oh this is where i’d hang out you guys wow this is where i would hang out what what is this place this is the party room the party room of course so this is going to be the floating leader of venice oh this is venice oh venice this is how it’s going to be oh so there’s no actual island it’s just all floating like there’s no sand yeah i’m cool just like yeah what that’s so cool look how happy this guy is he’s like welcome to my mansion and then you’ve got a map here of where we are which is what over where are we here that one over there well what did you guys think give the video a quick like um and subscribe to the supercar blondie family i would love to have you and a massive thank you to these peeps um for coming and showing us around this incredible villa i will read your comments so pop a comment down below the video i think that’s it we’re out love ya bye foreign

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