Ducati 1098 2008 release put up for auction

Ducati 1098 2008 release put up for auction


In 2007, Ducati released what many consider to be one of the most timeless superbikes compared to the legendary 916, the Ducati 1098. The successor to the 999, the Ducati 1098 took more design decisions from the 998 than from the 999. As it turned out, the 999’s styling was too much of a departure from Ducati’s classic styling, so much so that its sales figures were rather lackluster.

However, to solve this problem, Ducati commissioned Jandrea Fabbro to design the then modern incarnation of the iconic 916. With this, the year 1098 was born. Powered by a powerful 1099cc Ducati 90-degree V-engine cm, equipped with a desmodromic valve actuator, the Ducati 1098 was a technological marvel in its day. Producing a whopping 160 horsepower, the 1098 was at its peak superbike performance back in 2007.

If you are as in love with the Ducati 1098 as I am, then perhaps now you have the chance to take this superbike home at a bargain price. This particular car is a 2008 Ducati 1098S, finished in black. While red bikes tend to be of great value due to their similarities to classic Ducati Corse race cars, the black finish gives this bike an undeniably hidden and elegant aesthetic. The bike comes with a carbon fiber front fender, factory Ducati Performance windshield and all standard components on this model.

With three days left before the start of trading, the current bid is $ 5,800 – a pretty good deal for a machine of this caliber.

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