Duster may become a hybrid and much more expensive


Renault can make the European version of the Duster hybrid. The French group will be forced to electrify budget models of the brand Dacia, in order to meet environmental standards in 2020, writes Automotive News Europe.


New environmental standard calculates the average of CO emissions? all vehicles belonging to the group, and sets it at the level of 95 grams per kilometer. For Renault Group, and the most problematic from the point of view of ecology, the brand can be a Dacia. Insiders estimate that if Renault does not take any steps to reduce emissions, in 2020 the group will have to pay a € 450 million – about 17 percent of the expected profit as a penalty.

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Analysts estimated the electrification of the model range Dacia to 671 million euros. The implementation costs of a new power plant would not be fully passed on to consumers, since a significant price rise in the budget segment will inevitably lead to falling demand. The fact that Renault is considering various options to minimize losses from new environmental regulations, confirmed the head of the sales Department of French companies Olivier Muge.

How much would you be willing to pay for hybrid Duster?

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