DVS for the price of an electric car battery? Renault CEO’s prediction

DVS for the price of an electric car battery? Renault CEO’s prediction


According to the head of the Renault group Luca de Meo, manufacturers will have to raise prices after the introduction of the Euro 7 environmental standard in Europe

Budget small cars will rise in price significantly. Luca de Meo, a top manager of the French Renault group, well known in Ukraine for such inexpensive models as Logan, Sandero and Duster, gave such a forecast in an interview with Autocar.

According to the top manager, automakers will be forced to raise European prices after the entry into force of Euro 7 environmental standards in 2025. These standards will oblige companies to equip all cars without exception with particulate filters and neutralizers, which will lead to a doubling of the cost of small engines.

“It doesn’t matter if you develop a Clio for 15,000 euros or a Mercedes-Benz S-Class for 120,000 euros – you need a soot filter with precious metals. Of course, for the S-Class the filter is slightly larger, but in percentage terms it will still be much cheaper, and the buyer can afford to pay. At the same time, carmakers who produce small B-segment models will have a difficult time, ”says Meo.

However, according to the top manager, oblivion does not threaten compact urban models – they will switch to electric traction. According to de Meo, the cost of batteries falls by 10% every year, and urban models need batteries of a relatively small capacity.

That is, the cost of a B-segment car will grow, while the cost of compact electric cars will decrease, and at some point the two cost curves will intersect, the boss of the French concern explained.

However, Luca de Meo believes that automakers will not be able to completely abandon the internal combustion engine as early as 2030. The top manager does not believe that all Europeans will be ready to switch to electric cars in ten years.

However, with the introduction of Euro 7 standards, non-electrified models will become a rarity, and only full-fledged hybrids, and not “soft” versions, will be able to meet the new toxicity standards.

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