“Dying,” Mitsubishi Pajero Takes Plant With It

“Dying,” Mitsubishi Pajero Takes Plant With It


Recently, Mitsubishi has not been doing well – losses in Europe have generally become the rule, rather than the exception. Against this background, it is especially sad to say goodbye to the Pajero SUV, the last units of which will be sold in Australia in the coming months. All of them will receive commemorative nameplates. In fact, the history of the car is already over – the conveyor at the Japanese plant was stopped back in March. By the way, next month the enterprise itself will cease to exist – when the production of the Outlander and Delica D: 5 models will be transferred from there. As a reminder, Pajero left the Old World in 2018, and a year later we lost it too.

The “fourth” Mitsubishi Pajero appeared back in 2006 and has not undergone any significant changes since then. They were ready for his departure long ago. The model has no heir – the Japanese company cannot afford to develop an SUV of this level.

A seven-seater cabin is available to everyone by default. Starting with the GLX version, cars will have parking, light and rain sensors, electric seats and a Rockford audio system. Top Exeed versions are complemented by leather upholstery, sunroof, aluminum and chrome fittings.

The cars will not receive special honors – the circulation of eight hundred cars is divided into the usual configurations for Australians: GLS, GLX and Exeed. Turbodiesel 3.2 with 192 hp remained under the hood. and 441 Nm. To praise the legend, dealers were entrusted with the installation of commemorative Final Edition nameplates, special floor mats, black hood vents, as well as leather covers for instructions and a service book. The Pajero was introduced in 1981 and has sold 3.3 million units worldwide since then. It is possible that the legendary name will still return to the company’s lineup, but will be given to some kind of crossover.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport from the FineAuto team:

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