Eagle Low Drag GT Review

Eagle Low Drag GT Review


Jeremy reviews the Eagle Low Drag GT but how will a child of the sixties do against that of the twenty first century, the Toyota GT86? Taken from Series 22 Episode 7.WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

except recreation is the wrong word because what Eagle is actually done is taken the basic design and the spirit of the original and then brought them up to date think of it then as a Georgian house with Wi-Fi and perhaps one of those Georgian Clooney coffee machines let’s start with the engine like the original it’s a twin-cam straight-6 but unlike the original it has fuel injection rather than carburetors so it works it’s made from aluminium rather than cast-iron so it’s light it also has cooling so it doesn’t overheat and it’s bigger than the original which means it’s more powerful the original car had 3.8 liters and produced 265 horsepower this has 4.7 liters and produces 345 horsepower so it’s faster much faster to give you an idea of what a rocketship this car is I’m going to have a drag race with Toyota’s idea of a modern-day sports car the gt86 right so a child of the 60s versus the 21st century great toe what it’s a smoking start that’s incredible Janis Joplin is punching Justin Bieber in the face as a finishing line yeah it’s an easy victory I’ve always said things were better in my daya apart from the rickets and the diphtheria and this proves it it’s even pretty good in the corners Oh I’m not going to say this feels modern because it doesn’t the f-type would run rings around it but crucially as all this baby which is what it is but it’s not the handling or the power or the 170 mile-an-hour top speed that impresses most it’s the attention to detail I mean because this car has a five-speed gearbox rather than the full speed you got in the original Eagle has even made a special gear knob to reflect that with a five on it Ida just use tip eggs and look at these Sun visors they’re fabulous and somebody had to make them and the bracket and the bolts that hold it together and the hinge that’s textus it’s all just too incredible for words and there’s more the wheels they look like they’re made out of steel and they came from a motorists discount store but actually they were specially made by hand out of magnesium and because the body is Egil’s own design this windscreen had to be specially made now that meant going to a glass maker and saying can you make one windscreen on it costs fifteen thousand pounds in the back window that was fifteen thousand pounds as well as a result of all this the low drag GT is quite a lot more expensive than the f-type and it’s less nimble and it’s more slow but I know which I’d rather have the tragedy is that the only people who know how to make a windscreen like this a one-off are all now in their 70s and 80s and when they retire they will take their skills with them which means it in the very near future it just won’t be possible to make a car like this no no that’ll be a real shame it really will one thing I’ve been trying to work out cuz you didn’t actually say it in the film if that wind screencast 15 thousand pounds how much is it for the whole car a lot how much a lot eight hundred and forty thousand pounds that is a lot but that does include v80 I should be clear never less you’ll have to agree the f-type does represent better value for money it does especially the v6 which is the one I’d buy because the v8 i mean as I said in the film it just never shuts up it would drive you mad yeah would something never shuts up shouting all day long or around opinions and noise just say it I’m gonna even drive you mad I can be quiet yeah only when you’re asleep and thankfully I’m not there for that so listen I just decided did only don’t want to talk to you anymore but what I do want to do is find out how fast that f-type goes around our track at that of course means handing it over to our tame racing driver some say that he wishes there was someone he could talk to about his mis-sold PPI and that he spent all week making a stairlift for Madonna all you know is he’s called the Stig and he’s off an unspoken start which is a surprise but very shouty which isn’t up to the first corner lots of squealing from the Pirelli tyres but he’s keeping it all in check nicely that is neat wheels an appropriate slice of the Carpenters there on this crisp dry day very together new Chicago let’s see if there are any tail happy antics around the Hammerhead the second part nothing so far no that is incredibly lead again now a chance to unleash noisy supercharged fury through the follow-through right on the edge there that won’t raise the pulse of either of the Stig’s hearts hard on the optional carbon ceramic brakes for the second-to-last corner to gamble across the high what did it do on 21.6 which is faster than OD r8 v10 you

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