‘Ear Orgasm’: Lucid Air will be the first to receive Dolby Atmos surround sound support

‘Ear Orgasm’: Lucid Air will be the first to receive Dolby Atmos surround sound support


The Lucid Air electric sedan will be the first in the industry to receive an immersive audio system with Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos technology allows you to freely move sound objects in three-dimensional space. So, when in the cinema you hear an airplane flying over you – Atmos works. The technology supports up to 128 separate objects and requires from 7 to 64 columns for the desired effect. The 5-meter Lucid Air has 21 of them: front, rear, side and ceiling. The speakers are part of the Surreal Sound audio system, which is designed and tuned specifically for the electric sedan.

In addition to playing crystal clear sound and immersing the listener into a multidimensional scene, Surreal Sound has a number of other advantages. For example, it improves interaction with assistance systems. So, the driver hears the signal about the unfastened seat belt from the side of the lock. Both the warnings of the blind spot monitoring system and the clicks of the turn signals have directionality.

All this in the company is called “building luxury”: they say, today it is no longer enough just to come up with a bright appearance and stuff a bunch of technologies into the car – to this it is necessary to add some interaction experience that will affect all the senses.

Sales of the Lucid electric sedan will begin in 2021. First, the Lucid Air Grand Touring for $ 139 thousand and the Dream Edition for $ 169 thousand will enter the market, which travel more than 800 km without recharging. Equipped with 8 airbags, an autopilot that uses 32 sensors, including a lidar, and a curved 34-inch OLED display with 5K resolution.

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