Ecological clubs pose a danger to automakers

Ecological clubs pose a danger to automakers


Climate activists who said they could go to court are particularly concerned that companies are not stepping up their efforts to tackle emissions.

Greenpeace and DUH are demanding that automakers stop producing vehicles with combustion engines by 2030. This is five years ahead of the current ban proposed by the European Union in July. While several car manufacturers in Europe were already fully electric by then, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen were not included, including, among others, subsidiary BMW Mini and subsidiary Daimler Smart.

These deadlines are necessary to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreements and German climate legislation, activists say. Companies have several weeks to respond to the demands of environmental clubs. If they do not, the latter will go to court.

The claims will be based on a lawsuit filed in the Netherlands against the oil and gas group Shell last year. A court in The Hague said Shell must do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions from users of Shell products are also taken into account. In response, Daimler and BMW told the Reuters news agency that they are committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Accords and are already taking steps to do so. Volkswagen was not available for comment.

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