Ecologistic іnіtsіativi kompanii Avtosoyuz nabiyuyuv obertiv


In the same year 2021, the Avtosoyuz company installed dormitory panels on the day of its office so that I can “clean” the electricity and if it’s not enough to use it less often.

In the hour of global environmental problems, it is important not to be overlooked, and I want to use crocs for reducing the situation, as for the skin. The same need for inconspicuous changes in our haunted life becomes impudent. The team of the Avtosoyuz company has been reconsidered, so that the revision of environmental problems is repaired for us, so that you can save your new circle as comfortable, safe and versatile.

So, from the worm of 2019, they let the sortuvati come in and out of the worm by placing containers for the whole company on the territory of the company. Our company has been reconstructed, so that it will take that eco-philosophy approach to fix it, if a skinny member of the command has to do it. Outside of our patrons to the sorting of smittya may have access and our clients. Infected by spіvpratsyuєmo with the company “Ecological Inventions”, which is transferred to the entrance for recycling.

In addition to the kind of smittya, in the same fate, we have installed sleepyhead panels on the day of their office so I can “clean” the power, and if I do not need to get away with it a little bit (I would like to go over to the autonomous plan for a year). The main plus is the ecology and the increase in the visibility of the schoolworms into the atmosphere. So we have become on the way to the victorian of alternative energy sources, which is an important factor for minimizing the views and reducing the ecological picture as a whole.

In Ukraine, 66% of greenhouse gas wikis, which cause a change in the climate, resemble the kind of energy industry itself, so it’s one of the most difficult galuses in Ukraine. The installation of a sleepy power station, which is not a wikid of greenhouse gases in the process of robots, allows us to replace the brute energy cleanly – the number of wikis of greenhouse gases will change.

I think it’s true: kozen, who’s shanuє for myself, I’m thinking about the coming generation, I’ll learn at once all the importance of environmental initiatives. We also don’t obtzyamo do not fall to the limit and collapse only forward!

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