Economical supermini: the new Opel Corsa boasted aerodynamics

Economical supermini: the new Opel Corsa boasted aerodynamics

The sixth generation of the Opel Corsa supermini claims to be the most aerodynamic car in its segment.

Thanks to a drag coefficient of 0.29 and a frontal area of all of 2.13 square meter, which is much less predecessor, the new generation Corsa manages to reduce fuel consumption and emissions to new highs. Designers and Opel engineers have achieved the configuration of low resistance by adopting an integrated approach.

So, the lower part of the body from the engine compartment to the rear axle was covered with flat panels that improve air flow under the car. The roof spoiler improves air flow, contributing to braking decreases turbulence and reduce aerodynamic lift on the rear axle, making the Corsa more stable in high-speed race in a straight line.

Another “secret” aerodynamic efficiency Opel Corsa is in the active grille. Used to be reserved for luxury cars of higher segments, it reduces drag and increases fuel efficiency, automatically closing the front opening when the cooling air is least necessary. In the closed state, the valve redirects air flow around the front of the vehicle and down the sides, not through the engine compartment. The decision to open/ close the valve shall automatically depending on the temperature and velocity of the coolant.

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