Ed Sheeran Can’t Drive

Ed Sheeran Can’t Drive


Subscribe: Ed Sheeran may have taken the music world by storm, but he has a confession about his ability to drive: he can’t.Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds:

so now you’ve got to the point from you know playing Pokemon and Exeter railway station have you just not sold that Wembley for how many nights is it three three nights just you in front of a crowd of eighteen ninety thousand Brown that yeah not make you nervous I was more nervous about today doing the lap because I mean your whole life it’s you meets it obviously you’ve met DeNiro now yeah Clinton yeah and then you met James May before we go into the cars and we make cuz I was just I was slightly staggered but you have a number of illnesses when you were little obviously I mean probably could have led to that I had a big birthmark on the side of my face yeah I had to get laid off and we’re dice weirdos and then he had to play sports were in some weird yeah well my my view on is that was a very weird kid in primary school and I probably didn’t have a lot of friends but I think God looked down and went you need some help and they gave me a guitar and the second half of my life is a much more fun than the first half and I’d rather that way around because half of the popular kids in school I mean you know you know their lives up now we’ve got to get on I’m afraid to the elephant in the room yes Edd’s can’t drive and I don’t just mean you have no driving licence we’ve had that before okay with Johnny Vegas and more recently but you how much can’t you drive or how much couldn’t you drive before you got here today if it was a day I’d never sat in the driver’s seat oh the reason I said yes to top gear is that I thought it would be funny the first time that I joined this is must be the first-ever televised driving lesson like so many seventeen year olds around the world would want the Stig to teach them how to drive and that’s I think it is very very ballsy to come here I don’t mind being filmed for my first ever no you have actually bought cars for four people sound engineers it’s on yeah I bought the airport I bought basically every year give people who work for me a Christmas bonus and this guy who works for me was basically every year spending his Christmas bonus and things you should spend your Christmas bonus on which is his family but he was always go on about wanting a Porsche 911 Carrera he’d be like ask my dream car if I could to see that but you know I’m doing up the bathroom next I’m doing up this so this year I just I just got an abortion but another sound engineer a smart a smart car oh no yeah no I bought my guitar I think it’s my god but that was what’s that was another you feel going are brilliant I see these people day in and day out and they always talk about dead the thing that they want most these days really low ambition we need to have a word with him he sure is doing the guitars properly because everything the smarts are good enough car would he could really now I’m just moving on to your lap how was it out there who’s interesting who’s interesting I had some I had some very funny bloopers which I’m sure you’re gonna show we wouldn’t do that who’d like to see Ed’s first-ever driving lesson on television we’ve got one or two Clips we’d like to show for you first of few slip-ups let’s have a look at those so this is Wow that’s the second-to-last corner but you missed that by a long way that looks great oh my god is that the follow that’s the bill through the tires you’re not gonna hold it not again not again on the follow-through the same what does standards me about that is when the car is sliding particularly going through those he’s about 80 miles an hour so it’s sliding like that most people just give up if they’re little bit you actually were wrestling with the controls in there um that wasn’t that wasn’t planned though I just couldn’t take my foot yeah I wasn’t I wasn’t like I wasn’t like oh I’m gonna like sort this out and show everyone that I’m really good at driving it was literally just like how do you actually walk about when they’re that big well shall we have a look at the fastest lap everybody ready play the tape come on here we go yes we’ll spin from an automatic all these workers in here come on it will and here it comes down to the first corner and around it still can’t believe that you have never driven a car before this one and you’re around wide but never mind we’re off neat and tidy through been a real problems at all and Victoria yes the tyres are squealing sometimes keep your hands on the wheel that is important and this is the Hammerhead designed to catch out the unwary and the new but it hasn’t got you right now this is it this is coming up to what we call the follow-through because if you get it wrong that’s what happens not lifting nobody’s ever had tire squeal on their first ever driving lesson which is we do this yes looking good Oh tricky little bit of brake action there all that could be automatic on the cars part second to last corner catches most people out but not you not today into Gambon burst of acceleration and there we are across the line right so now lower than it felt right it did it does it’s not a fast car there are faster ones available on the market what do you think you’ve come on our as long as I beat Jack Whitehall I’m happy two things what and Jack had driven a car before he got here although he had no license and all the track was what we call mildly moist for him barely what now is very wet for you so that obviously slows you down all right so he did a 150 for five and you sure you were 154 is to only genuinely amazed by that cuz I am I guess so but it just like that one was the best time that I did it and the times before that were probably about two minutes thirty well with that level of improvement which just gave added driving license now ladies and gentlemen thanks Sharon you

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