Edition VW ID.3 under threat because of the botched software

Edition VW ID.3 under threat because of the botched software


It seems Volkswagen is brewing the next big scandal: an electric hatchback ID.3, on which German manufacturer made a big bet, were stillborn because of poor digital platform, and yet the model comes exclusively in the form of “tin cans”.

Rumors that VW ID.3 there are problems with appeared in the German press in the last year, and since then the problem is not resolved, but only worsened to a degree such that the graph model is likely to be disrupted, and Volkswagen will incur huge losses, including those due to environmental fines, which was supposed to decline as a result of the release of large amounts of ID.3.

Recall that ID.3 was officially launched in September of last year, and is positioned as a landmark model of comparable value in the history of the Volkswagen Beetle (aka the Beetle, he’s a Kafer) and Golf. The fact that ID.3 – the first truly mainstream electric car of the German mark, he was supposed to be the beginning of a huge ID-the family of a variety of “trains” and become a hit, but unfortunately, the first pancake was lumpy, and so that to digest it still does not work.


Edition VW ID.3 started in the German Zwickau in November of last year, at the launching ceremony, given the importance of the event, arrived Angela Merkel. Counting on high sales of a new Chancellor even 50% increase in subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles. However, as found by the newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, hatchbacks ID.3 is still off the Assembly line in the form of “tin cans”, that is, is the “iron” without electronics, that is, prefabricated. These semi-finished Volkswagen sends for storage on a huge outdoor warehouse near Leipzig, and there wait for the moment when they will revive and send to the dealers. The warehouse this last week, videotaped the employee of the rental company Nextmove, which even had problems with the police.

So, according to the Suddeutsche Zeitung, obtained from a source within the company Volkswagen, the situation with the release ID.3 catastrophic, the car is still very far from what can be called a finished product. Volkswagen initially decided by analogy with Tesla to develop for ID.3 original fully digital platform with the ability to update “over the air” and other modern “Goodies”, but allowing too little time and resources. Now is a completely raw product, consisting of several blocks, which did not want to work together. If this form to fill this software in ID.3, the machine simply will not be able to drive and will fail.

Director of IT – direction of Martin Hofmann. who is responsible for this mess has already been dismissed, and now volkswagenaudi bosses are emergency talks with Daimler on possible cooperation in the field of software that would as soon as possible to revive the project ID.3. The problem is that now Daimler is currently in negotiations with BMW, and collaboration between two premium manufacturers seems to be more promising, especially at the level of “iron” they started their collaboration in late 2018.

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In General, Volkswagen is in a difficult position, frantically looking for experienced programmers who are now in short supply, and most likely will not be able to produce 100 thousand ID.3 to the end of this year. Now it is about to still to start, as planned, delivery of cars this summer, but in limited amounts and with severely truncated capabilities of the electronics, which in the future will be richer when finally “finished”. Here only it is clear that for such a crude product press tear to pieces of Volkswagen.


There would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped. The epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19 gave Volkswagen a welcome respite, and Chinese contagion can be attributed to delay in supply, short runs and the inability to meet the requirements for CO2 emissions. The only question is, can Volkswagen to solve the problem in conditions of force majeure, when and other problems with the roof.

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