EICMA 2019: debuted of curandero CRF1100L Honda Africa Twin

EICMA 2019: debuted of curandero CRF1100L Honda Africa Twin


Honda Africa Twin 1000 – motorcycle popular. They produced 87 thousand units, sales in 50 countries. But competitors are not in place, and in order to be in trend, it is necessary to move forward.

In 2020 to replace liter Africa comes the “thousand-hundred”. The increased volume of the engine has improved not only to increase the power from 95 to 102 HP, but also increase the ratio power/weight at 10%.

Cruise control now have a regular complete, instrument panel – color screen with a diagonal of 6.5”, it communicates with your phone via Carplay. There is a six-axis acceleration sensor, tied to the system traction control and ABS, allowing you to accelerate and brake on slippery surfaces not only in a vertical position, but also in the slope in the rotation.


To full led headlights with DRL rulers added additional sources of light, illuminating in turn the inner side of the – they light up when you tilt the bike.

There are two versions – more offroad Africa Twin with a mass of 226 kg (236 for the version with robotized gearbox DCT) and more travel Adventure Sports with arcs and high glass weighing 238 kg (248кг version of the DCT).

For both versions of motorcycles available as optional adaptive suspension with electronic control adapts the download driving mode and the condition of the road surface. Also available a wide list of accessories designed to increase comfort and facilitate the transportation of Luggage.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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