Electric 911: Death of a Legend?

Electric 911: Death of a Legend?


Porsche says it will be easier to develop an electric 911. “The technology behind electric cars gives designers more leeway,” said a company spokesman.

At the moment, it is already difficult to argue with the fact that the future of almost all car brands is most likely connected in one way or another with electric motors. That includes German Porsche, which has an all-electric Taycan sedan (which already outperforms the Panamera in sales), although one member of the brand’s lineup will “stay away from electrification” for another ten years or so. It is a sporty 911.

Earlier this year, the Stuttgart-based automaker admitted that it is in no rush to electrify the sports car because it is likely to face weight distribution problems.

The powertrain of electric vehicles does not necessarily go hand in hand with powerful cars, especially in the case of the Porsche 911, where the engine is located at the back. However, in a recent interview, Porsche design chief Michael Mauer said nothing is impossible and confirmed that he already has a vision of what a 911 EV might look like.

If we try to read between the lines, it seems that when the automaker is finally ready to launch an electric 911, it will be designed from the ground up to capitalize on the “more freedom” offered by electric technology.

“It would be easier for Porsche designers to start at the drawing board than trying to adapt the platform and design of the existing 911 to the needs of an electric motor,” he said.

“I’m part of a group that moved from air cooling to water cooling and now we have turbocharged engines,” said Mr Mauer. “The electric 911 may be a different story, but purely in terms of design, the electric 911 will become even simpler in the future.”

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