Electric ATV from Opel?

Electric ATV from Opel?


The premiere of Opel Rocks-e took place not so long ago, and the novelty was positioned as an updated version of the Citro? n Ami miniature electric car, which is technically considered an ATV.

This funny looking little car, which looks more like a child’s toy, inspired German student Lucas Wenzhofer to create the Opel Rocks e-xtreme. Opel’s first heavy electric ATV, shown in the renders, gets massive off-road tires and increased ground clearance.

But the author of the rendering decided not to alter the original Rocks body panels. Moreover, the wheels turned out to be so oversized that even wide fenders are not able to cover them: they protrude quite frighteningly in all four corners, like a real off-road vehicle.

Not without a specially tubular structure, which will protect people in the car in the event of a rollover accident. Also, the extreme ATV received original optics, additional LED lighting on the roof and a bright black and yellow livery.

As a reminder, a regular Rock-e gets an 8 hp electric motor. and a battery of 5.5 kWh.

The e-xtreme version should get a higher performance drivetrain. Such a daring little car weighs only 425 kilograms.

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