Electric Audi e-Tron blackened

Electric Audi e-Tron blackened


The new special version with the “telling” name Black Edition is based on the S Line version. That said, the new trim option with black décor can also try on the coupé-like e-tron Sportback.

The electric crossover Audi e-tron in the performance of the S line “turned black” in the new special edition Black Edition. The new battery SUV differs from a conventional electric car in a black front grille. The rear-view mirrors, as well as all visible logos and nameplates, received the same color.

The 21-inch wheels were also painted black, but the brake calipers were decided to be decorated in a contrasting orange color. The tinted rear windows complements the brutal image.

The body of the electric cross from the special series can be painted in one of three metallic colors: these are universal classic shades – black, white and gray. When the doors are opened, the inscription “e-tron black edition” is broadcast to the ground.

The black and orange theme continues in the cabin: seat belts and stitching on leather sports chairs have a bright shade.

Also, a special material made of breathable microfiber was used in the interior decoration. Its peculiarity is that 45% of its composition is recycled plastic. Not without carbon fiber decor. The motor range of the e-tron S line black edition and e-tron Sportback S line black edition includes electric motors with a return of 313 and 408 horsepower.

The most affordable electric car will cost $ 97,200. The maximum price tag rises to $ 112,376. As a reminder, in our car market you can buy a standard Audi e-tron electric cross at a price of $ 90,700.

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