Electric Audi e-tron GT. Porsche is afraid of?


The last time we saw the prototype of the Audi e-tron GT, he was drifting on the track the Porsche in the “shoes” of its close relative – the sportsedan Taycan. Now, our spies spotted the car at the headquarters of the “Four rings” in Ingolstadt, this time with her own wheels.

In terms of masking taping over the past two weeks, little has changed, but the images of fresh set have a high clarity and allow you to consider the camouflaged electric car details and from different angles. Judging by what we see, stylish “four-door coupe” is almost ready for production.

In his outline of a predictable correlation with the “Taikang”, but the similarity with their own conceptual version of the sample the year before a lot stronger. It seems that the original version of the design reach of the conveyor with minimal changes, except for a little lift to riders, it was more space above the heads, but will set the normal side mirrors.


Information about the power plants itself while Audi didn’t share, but it is logical to assume that twin-engine all-wheel drive will also borrow from Porsche. The above concept e-tron 590 GT was strong, but the base Taycan 4S, which passes to 407 miles on a single charge and is assessed in Ukraine at 108 900 dollars, at the peak develops 530 HP – this figure should be.

It remains an open question about the time and place of the premiere. The car needs to declassify by the end of this year and bring to market next. Most of the major motor shows this year was canceled because of the coronavirus, but the organizers of the show in Los Angeles, plans by the end of November is still in force. By the way, it is on this stage last year saw the debut of the concept e-tron GT, and last – serial electrocreaser e-tron Sportback. However, Audi may well for example many other manufacturers to make a presentation online in this case, we have the chance to see the trademark e-tron GT even earlier.

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