Electric bike RMK E2 with a unique rear wheel


The bike is originally from Finland, is now undergoing final testing, according to the overseas edition of MCN. Sales will start in early next year.

RMK E2 has a unique rear wheel without a Central axle, the power which is three cables. It has helped the manufacturer to reduce the weight to a more manageable 200 kg. the Stated capacity of the bike to 67 HP and a maximum speed of up to 100 miles per hour.

According to the company, he is able to overcome 120-150 miles on a single charge, recharge energy by 80% will take only two hours.

Rear wheel “hubless” also means regenerative braking, which helps charge the battery while riding. The left lever controls the rear brake, and the right – regular disc lock on the front wheel. Rare RMK E2 is equipped with a modern body and futuristic digital dashboard with built in navigation in the style of Tesla. Tidy installed on fallslake.


Cost electric bike is 24 000 pounds, or about 29,000 dollars, and currently, the manufacturer accepts orders for him. The company plans to produce 4,000 copies per year to 2025. What will happen then is still unknown. We will wait for the model at the autumn exhibitions.

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