Electric bikes for paratroopers: motorcycles will also jump with a parachute

Electric bikes for paratroopers: motorcycles will also jump with a parachute


Electric motorcycles are gaining more and more popularity in the armed forces around the world. The latest example is the popular Sur Ron Firefly, which passed tests in a military landing.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Electrek.

Sur Ron electric motorcycles were tested for paratroopers from the 16th Air Assault Brigade of Great Britain. The tests took place during a recent military exercise in France.

Civilian customers have long appreciated the convenience and environmental friendliness of electric vehicles, but now the military is thinking about the tactical advantages of lightweight and virtually silent electric motorcycles.

Not to mention mobility – sometimes, after the landing, the assault force has to cover distances of tens of kilometers. Sur Ron electric bikes with a peak power of about 6 kW (8 hp) have a top speed of 65-72 km / h. And thanks to the long travel suspension and unpaved tires, they are suitable for off-road driving.

But the most important advantage for military applications over other vehicles is that the Sur Ron has very low sound and heat signatures. Let’s add here a low weight – only 47 kilograms.

Due to its compact size, such a bike can be placed in the body or on the suspension of a helicopter, as well as dropped by a regular parachute from an aircraft during a landing. And after landing on it, you can go pretty quickly, quite far, and relatively easily.

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