Electric BMW i7 enters the final phase of development

Electric BMW i7 enters the final phase of development


On December 15, BMW released another batch of pictures of a working prototype of the i7 executive sedan, which can be described as an electric analogue of the traditional 7-Series.

The car is carefully pasted over with camouflage film, but according to preliminary information, its external panels are completely original, forming their own exterior, although the perspective model is unified with the usual 7-Series of the next generation in terms of the body frame and chassis. i7 and the new “seven” with internal combustion engine will be presented at the same time – in early 2022.

i7 has two electric motors (one per axle) – they provide permanent four-wheel drive, writes drom.ru. The technology is called eDrive and is already being used on the production electric vehicles iX (large crossover) and i4 (mid-range sedan). The battery powering the motors are located under the floor of the i7, the power of the motors and the capacity of the battery pack are not reported.

Electric 7 will compete with Mercedes-Benz EQS and Tesla Model S.

Recall that the current 7-Series (G11 / 12) has been produced since 2015. It offers a range of gasoline and diesel engines, as well as hybrid power plants.

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