Electric boat RaceBird will launch a new racing series

Electric boat RaceBird will launch a new racing series


The organizer of the new E1 Series electric boat racing championship has unveiled a hydrofoil design called the RaceBird. The boat was designed by Seabird Technologies and Victory Marine, is equipped with an outboard motor and is capable of accelerating to 93 kilometers per hour. A working prototype of the boat is promised to be shown next year, and the first races will be held in early 2023.

Information about RaceBird is still negligible. It is known that the boat hulls will be entirely made of carbon fiber. Thanks to three hydrofoils – two in the front and one in the back, on an outboard motor – the boat can be raised 40 centimeters above the water to save energy. In the manner of fuel-powered speedboats, the cockpit will be closed. The RaceBird will weigh about 800 kilograms and a top speed of 50 knots, or 93 kilometers per hour.

Compared to boats of the F1H20 class, this is not much – they can accelerate to 250 kilometers per hour. However, the organizers of the championship expect to make the races more spectacular due to the active struggle between the participants (hydrofoil boats have practically no wake trail that can interfere with the boat following it) and technical tracks that will be created in the coastal zone of port cities.

The first RaceBird prototypes are promised to be shown in 2022. And the first championship with the participation of 12 teams will be held in 2023. The organizers also promise to deploy their own charging stations, which after the end of the championship will be able to use the owners of electric yachts and boats. In addition, Seabird Technologies is going to build a “civilian” version of RaceBird and sell it to everyone.

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