Electric car Drako GTE showed a beautiful drift (video)

Electric car Drako GTE showed a beautiful drift (video)


As part of the official video from Drako, a beautiful electric GTE ride on a frozen lake and on a snow-covered track is shown. The driver beautifully puts the car into controlled (and not so) drifts.

Drako Motors has decided to shoot a spectacular video with its GTE electric hypercar. The shooting took place on a snowy track in Colorado (USA), and the electric car was driven by racer Andy Pilgrim. The driver was also instructed to test the handling of the car at high speed on the snow.

Another rider, David Huckle, drove an electric sedan onto the ice in Georgetown Lake, Colorado.

Thanks to the studded tires that provide some grip on the ice, he was able to make several massive skids through the frozen water.

Drako GTE is equipped with four electric motors – one for each wheel – the total power of the power plant is 1200 horsepower, and the maximum torque is unimaginable for a car 8 800 Nm. The company uses DriveOS software to adjust power at every turn based on road conditions and driver actions. The system can even turn the vehicle 360 ​​degrees by rotating the left and right wheels in opposite directions.

The company claims that the striking coupe has a top speed of 332 km / h. No time has been announced for the acceleration to 100 km / h, but an earlier video shows the car beating the Tesla Model S P100D in a straight line race.

The GTE is equipped with a 90 kWh battery, but Drako Motors has not yet announced how much their electric car can travel on a fully charged battery. It has an on-board 15 kW AC charger and a 150 kW DC fast charger.

Drako Motors intends to begin delivering GTEs this year. The company only produces 25 copies at $ 1.25 million.

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