Electric car Ekonk is able to cool the battery “breathing”

Electric car Ekonk is able to cool the battery “breathing”


Indian startup Vazirani Automotive, which unveiled the first national hypercar in 2018, showed a prototype of the Ekonk electric speedster. The company calls the novelty the world’s lightest electric car, adding that the thermoregulation system of its battery is based on the principles of biomimicry – in this case, it is an imitation of heat exchange through respiration, like in animals.

Single Ekonk (in Indian scriptures, this word denotes the Big Bang) is almost entirely made of carbon fiber. The power plant of the electric car develops 732 horsepower with a car weighing only 738 kilograms. Acceleration to 100 for a speedster lasts 2.54 seconds. The declared maximum speed is 309 kilometers per hour. The prototype has an ultra-low coefficient of air resistance, is devoid of any auxiliary systems and very accurately fits the definition of a “living car”.

This is partly due to the use of an air cooling system of the battery developed in-house by Vazirani Automotive (as opposed to the usual liquid one). Thermoregulation technology is called DiCo and is based on the principles of biomimicry: Ekonk imitates animals, which can regulate heat exchange through respiration. The company does not go into details, so the principle of DiCo is still unknown.

Perhaps, in some form, this technology will migrate to the Shul hypercar, presented in 2018 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car was designed in collaboration with Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the Gran Turismo video game series. The coupe will be driven by four electric motors (one for each wheel) with a combined output of more than a thousand horsepower.

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