Electric car Fisker for $30,000

Electric car Fisker for $30,000


Fisker has opened pre-orders for its new electric car called PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) starting at $29,900. At the same time, practically no details about the new product are reported, and “live” cars will enter the market only in 2024. So far, the company has published only a few design sketches, one of which contains a mysterious message.

The Fisker brand in an official announcement positions the PEAR model as a compact urban electric car with 5 seats. It is alleged that he will receive a sporty character and an intuitive interface, as well as the latest technology and thoughtful storage space. Fisker does not disclose technical details about the new product.

In one of the published images, which shows the new PEAR model from above, the roof of the electric car is decorated with stripes that look like LED lights. But when the image is enlarged, it becomes clear that this is actually a coherent text. But it also does not contain any details: these are mainly image theses that determined the approach of engineers to the development of the PEAR electric car. In general, the meaning of the text boils down to plans to create an electric car that is maximally adapted for comfortable use in urban environments.

Fisker intends to assemble the novelty in Ohio, USA, and Foxconn has been named as the brand’s production partner. Fisker’s collaboration with one of the largest gadget manufacturers of the Apple brand was announced in May 2021: then it was just announced that a kind of revolutionary, but at the same time affordable electric car would become the product of the partnership.

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