Electric car Honda E tried on an aggressive body kit

Electric car Honda E tried on an aggressive body kit


The standard Honda E hatchback is designed in a “calm” design with an emphasis on retro themes, but with a new body kit from Innovate Composites, it takes on an unusually aggressive look. Looks almost like a racing car.

The set has not yet been brought to the final state, but even in this form, the intention of the authors of the project is easy to read. The kit includes new bumpers: a front with an enlarged “lip” and a rear with a huge diffuser and widened sidewalls to match the enlarged wheel arches. The hatchback also received wider wheels with white rims, and a large spoiler appeared above the tailgate.

Innovate Composites plans to release a “limited number” of these kits for the Honda E, though no pricing or release date has yet been announced. You can order this charming body kit through the company’s Instagram page.

Recall that the Honda E five-door hatchback hit the assembly line in 2020. This is a rear-wheel drive electric car with a traction battery with a capacity of 35.5 kWh and a motor in two versions: 134 and 152 hp. (torque is the same – 315 Nm). The “passport” power reserve in the WLTP cycle is up to 222 km, the real value is about 170 km.

Honda E is officially sold in several European countries. For example, in Germany they ask for an electric hatch from 33,850 euros, in the Netherlands – from 35,820 euros.

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