Electric car Mercedes-Benz EQC has received the German police

Electric car Mercedes-Benz EQC has received the German police


The company Mercedes-Benz showed a 15 converted to police cars on the profile of the conference in Frankfurt am main. Along with the traditional vans, the engine on the stand lit up electric car EQC, hydrogen GLC F?Cell and diesel-electric wagon E-Class.

Electric car Mercedes-Benz EQC first examples of a police livery. The manufacturer has not yet disclose what city electric car will serve, but in real life no doubt: for example, small-scale hydrogen-electric hybrid GLC F-Cell is already being used by law enforcement agencies in Hamburg.

While the main part of the exhibition are utilitarian mid-size diesel Vito and Sprinter with various add-ons: among exposed, there are minivans with symbols of the police with the appropriate coloring and mod, and nerafinirovannye vans with special equipment designed for the criminal divisions.


The popularity of commercial models due to the variability in wheelbase, roof height and the type of drive. For the traffic police the most environmentally friendly and functional is considered to be a diesel E-Class E 300 version de Estate charged-hybrid power plant.

On the other side of the ocean electric vehicles also gradually entered the service in law enforcement agencies: Model 3 appeared in a police Department in Indiana, and in Los Angeles the police came the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S.

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