Electric car Nio ET7 almost caught up with the Mercedes EQS

Electric car Nio ET7 almost caught up with the Mercedes EQS


In terms of the coefficient of aerodynamic drag Cd, the new product from China was on a par with the Tesla Model S, but still lost to the flagship electric car Mercedes-Benz.

The Chinese company Nio has published the results of official aerodynamic tests of the ET7 sedan presented in January this year. The drag coefficient Cd was 0.208 and as noted by InsideEVs, this is the second result in the world (together with the updated Tesla Model S) among production cars. Only the Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ with a Cd of 0.200 can boast of the best aerodynamics.

It is noteworthy that Nio initially expected a value of 0.23, but thanks to the hard work of the designers and numerous tests, it was able to rise to the level of world leaders in this unspoken competition.

“The NIO aerodynamics team has been deeply involved in the development and design of the ET7 from the outset. The ergonomics and comfort of the cab are uncompromising, the slope of the ET7 windshield, the radii and angles between the headlights and the front fenders, the fastback design, the rear spoiler, the characteristic lines of the C-pillars, the entry and exit angles, and the wheels are optimized to make the model more aerodynamic. ” the company said in a statement.

Aerodynamics are especially important for electric vehicles, as they directly affect the range. NIO expects the ET7 sedan with 150 kWh batteries (this version will be available by the end of 2022) will be able to travel more than 1000 km on a single charge on a NEDC cycle. More affordable modifications will receive batteries of 70 kWh (500 km in the NEDC cycle) and 100 kWh (700 km).

Sedan Nio ET7 is equipped with two electric motors that provide four-wheel drive. On the front axle there is a 245 hp motor, on the rear axle – 408 hp, and in total they give out 653 hp. and 850 Nm. It is expected that from 0 to 100 km / h such an electric car will be able to accelerate in 3.9 seconds.

NIO ET7 is slated to enter the market in the first quarter of 2022 in China and possibly by the end of 2022 in Europe. In the Middle Kingdom, for the basic version of the sedan, they ask for $ 69,000, but ET7 can be bought there without batteries for $ 58,000. In this case, it is proposed to rent a battery: a 70-kilowatt one for $ 150 per month, and a 100-kilowatt one – for 230.

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