Electric car of the future: Humble One solar-powered parquet

Electric car of the future: Humble One solar-powered parquet


Founded in 2020, California-based startup Humble Motors has set out to build a solar-powered electric crossover Humble One from scratch (like the Lightyear One or Sono Sion). According to the firm’s plan, the car should be “lined” with 82.3 square feet (7.65 m?) Photovoltaic panels. Solar panels should be placed on the roof, doors, side seats and fenders that fold out in the parking lot. Then there will be enough energy to increase the range for free by 10-60 miles (16-97 km) per day.

The electric car exists only in pictures, but the price has already been set – from $ 109,000 excluding taxes. In theory, production will begin in 2024, deliveries to customers in 2025. Pre-orders are accepted with a refundable deposit of $ 300.

For a five-seater five-door, a maximum power of 1034 forces, a cruising range of 500 miles (805 km) and an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.25 are declared. Machine length – 198 inches (5029 mm), curb weight – 4000 lbs (1814 kg).

The founder of Humble Motors is considered to be former Marine Dima Stizi, who previously worked at the venture capital firm FinDox and created “a successful skincare brand that sold on the Internet.” Lead designer Lee Rosario graduated from Valencia College in Florida and “has over seven years of experience” from nowhere. Creative director Antonio Paglia, a graduate of the University of Milan, was responsible for “creating a series of Formula 1 concepts for 2022–2026” and worked for the Italian Piaggio Group, doing something for the Ducati, Kawasaki and Ferrari brands.

The chief engineer is Dr. Alexander Bogichevich, a physicist and materials scientist who held senior positions at Ford and Eaton. In a press release, he says that the US has already collected orders “worth more than $ 20 million,” and their number “increased by 426% in the last month.” Dima Stizi said at a press conference that the company is focused on the development, production and sale of solar-roofed electric vehicles, as “solar power is the future of mobility.

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