Electric car Volkswagen ID.3 got my vote

Electric car Volkswagen ID.3 got my vote


Electric car Volkswagen ID.3 got their sound engineers added a sound synthesizer, “voicing” the car when driving.

About it reports a press-service of the manufacturer. One of the problems with modern electric cars is their silent operation. This can lead to an accident, because moving the electric vehicle does not emit the usual cars with the engine sound of a running motor and don’t hear other members of the movement.


The problem seems far-fetched, as many pedestrians walk the streets with headphones and can’t hear anything. Nevertheless, Volkswagen decided to demonstrate their social responsibility and to provide new electric hatchback ID.3 sound synthesizer. Recall that the new product debuted in September this year at Motorshow in Frankfurt. To listen to the sound of the electric car, click the orange arrow in the photo below.

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