Electric car Volvo C40 Recharge was too expensive

Electric car Volvo C40 Recharge was too expensive


The Swedish company has announced that Volvo’s first car to be offered exclusively as an electric vehicle, the C40 Recharge, will cost a minimum of $ 58,750. This is a thousand dollars cheaper than Polestar 2, and 2 thousand more expensive than the top-end Tesla Model 3.

The Swedish brand will offer its customers in America two complete sets of C40 Recharge: Plus and Ultimate, which will be completely skinless, and have opted for the Android operating system for the infotainment system.

In addition, the Ultimate package includes a panoramic sunroof, Pixel LED lighting, Pilot Assist, Harmon Kardon Premium Sound, a 360-degree camera and unique 20-inch wheels. The body of the C40 Recharge can be painted in one of seven shades.

Based on the same CMA platform as the XC40, the C40 Recharge is effectively a coupe-like version of the compact crossover. The electric car is powered by a 402-horsepower twin-engine power plant and a 78 kWh battery.

Up to a hundred C40 Recharge will accelerate in 4.5 seconds. The Swedish electric car will travel about 420 kilometers without recharging.

The Volvo C40 Recharge was pre-ordered back in March. To book a car, you need to make a deposit of $ 500. Serial production of the electric crossover will start in the fall of 2021 at the brand’s plant in Ghent, Belgium. The first deliveries to the States are expected by the end of 2021.

US owners will receive 250 kWh of free charging on the Electrify America charging network for the first three years. Finally, as with other EVs, the C40 Recharge is eligible for federal tax credits of up to $ 7,500.

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