Electric cars are cheaper than cars with DVS

Electric cars are cheaper than cars with DVS


Analysts at BloombergNEF predict that in 2027 the production of electric cars will become cheaper than the production of cars with traditional internal combustion engines powered by gasoline or diesel.

According to analysts, this will be possible due to lower cost of batteries and the cost of organizing dedicated production lines. This will affect the availability of the product to a greater extent than the subsidy programs existing in the United States and several EU countries.

In turn, due to the reduction in production costs, in 6 years, electric vehicles will be cheaper for consumers than cars running on gasoline or “heavy” fuel.

According to the study, at the moment the average retail price of a medium-sized electric vehicle, excluding taxes, is 33.3 thousand euros, a car of comparable size on gasoline will cost the buyer 18.6 thousand euros. At the same time, analysts predict that in 2026 both cars will cost about 19 thousand euros, and by 2030 an electric car of a comparable configuration will be available for 16.3 thousand euros excluding taxes, and a gasoline one – for 19.9 thousand euros. >

Brussels-based nonprofit Transport & Environment believes the cost of batteries for electric vehicles should more than halve from 2020 to 2030.

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