Electric cars are “killed” Renault Megane?

Electric cars are “killed” Renault Megane?


The Renault Megane family was very popular 10 years ago: in 2010, global sales amounted to 732 465 cars. By the end of 2019 worldwide managed to implement only 209 845 copies, which is significantly less than competitors: for example, in the UK last year were sold 2 699 Megane and almost 60 thousand Volkswagen Golf. All this inevitably led the French to doubt about the future prospects of the family. In particular, the fate of the Renault Megane in question because of electric cars: as told in an interview with AutoExpress chief designer of the brand Lawrence van den Acker, the company needs to reallocate resources in favor of more promising projects, especially in such a difficult time.


“Once we add in the model range of electric cars, we will have to abandon some other cars because we can’t afford to Fund it all at once. The Megane belongs to a segment of the market, which becomes less attractive, so the money you need to invest in the future,” said van den Acker.

Hatchback and station wagon Renault Megane current generation, including the “charged” version survived the upgrade at the beginning of the year added in a range of plug-in hybrid that can travel up to 50 kilometers on electric.

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