Electric cars are strengthening their positions

Electric cars are strengthening their positions


For 11 months of 2020, sales of electric cars increased by 198% compared to the same period in 2019. Sales of electric cars reached 10% of the total sales of new cars in Europe.

According to the EV Sales Blog and InsideEVs, 1,085,000 new electric vehicles were registered in Europe for 11 months of 2020, of which 166,255 copies were sold in November. Their overall share of the new car market in Europe was 16%, including 8% for battery-powered vehicles and 8% for plug-in hybrids.

Sales of vehicles equipped with battery power sources increased by 182% compared to 2019, while sales of hybrids increased by 217%. The high growth in deliveries of such vehicles is explained by a decrease in sales in the automotive market as a whole by 14% compared to the previous year.

The best-selling electric car on the European market in November was the Renault ZOE, which sold 9,953 copies, and in 11 months 83,000 cars were sold, which is 8% of the market. The second place is occupied by Volkswagen ID.3, which sold 8,476 units in November. Tesla Model 3 occupies the fourth position, because dealers of the brand managed to sell 5014 electric cars. December may also be a record year for electric vehicles, with the share of sales of which may reach 20% of new car sales.

It is noteworthy that in 2019, electric cars accounted for only 3.6% of new car sales in Europe.

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