Electric cars from USA


The advantages of electric cars from USA

If You are thinking about what kind of car to buy from USA, we recommend to pay attention to the electric vehicle. Let’s discuss their advantages.

The most important advantage of electric vehicles is, of course, the financial component. Savings during fueling, drivers will be able to feel. Fully charging the car will cost much cheaper than refueling with gasoline. According to experts, on a full tank, the savings will amount to 500 UAH, the company said Motors America.

In recent times it has become very popular to give preference to vehicles that combine environmental friendliness with comfort. Electric vehicles have a fairly low noise level. Have you ever seen how to ride the electric car? Then You know exactly what was going on. It moves almost without any noise. The driver and passengers in an electric car, will be able to appreciate the comfort of this car. In the cabin quiet. At the same time, the electric car accelerates fine. He’s agile and easily managed. Motorists will be able to enjoy every trip in an electric car. Of a car no harmful emissions, so it does not contaminate the environment.

The high level of demand for used machines – another advantage of electric cars. Simply put: electric cars there is always a demand among the buyers. Therefore, if You decide to sell the car, it will not be difficult, customers can always find. Moreover, if there is no damage on the car, can be formed on it a fairly good value. Most often, the first electric car to buy in order to get acquainted with his work and find out all the pros. Then buyers buy a second electric car, for example, for the family. For the first purchase you don’t have to choose a new car, and you can see options on the secondary market.

The number of charging stations in Ukraine is rapidly growing, so to fill the electric car in our country is not a problem. So, almost a year their number increased by 4 times. Agree, the figure is quite impressive.

Customs clearance of the electric vehicle

As you know, until last fall acted legislation that exempted from the payment of customs duty under the importation of electric vehicles. It is noteworthy that in 2018 this grace period extended for another 4 years (until 2022). This suggests that the demand for electric cars in our country is growing significantly. The owners of electric vehicles will be able not pay to the specified year, the excise duty and VAT. Moreover, it is even not excluded that this situation will be extended even further.

The only note that at check of the electric vehicle owners pay a tax to the pension Fund.

To avoid problems with registration of the electric vehicle at the initial stage of buying, it is best to contact a specialist company involved in bringing car from the USA. These professionals have vast experience in the procedures of purchase, delivery of these machines. To help deal with customs clearance and certification. Therefore, the process will not take much time and will comply with all applicable laws.

What are electric cars beneficial to import from the USA to Ukraine?

Of course, the price of electric cars from USA are not low. But it is still much lower than similar vehicles in Ukraine. This explains the demand for electric cars in the country. The most popular electric vehicle today is the Nissan Leaf. A used auto Nissan prices start from about $ 10,000. With confidence we can say that the Nissan Leaf is one of the most sought-after electric cars in the world. In addition, it is advantageous also to buy another car, as reported by the company:


The choice of a particular model of car depends solely on Your personal preferences and financial capabilities. In any case, the advantages of electric vehicles are obvious. Most importantly, when buying such a car, trust the experts in this field who offer the best car, will bring and will help to clear it.

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