Electric cars, hybrids? Ford prepares V8 7.3 twin turbocharged


Ford Motor Company is developing a turbocharged version of its 7.3-liter Godzilla gasoline V8. The twin-turbo engine is slated to be offered for heavy-duty E-Series pickup and frame vans, according to the Ford Authority.

The Godzilla V8 powertrain has been in production since 2020, fitted to E-Series frame vans and Super Duty pickups, and is also available in the aftermarket. The atmospheric engine develops 435 hp. power and 644 Nm of torque. Peak thrust at 4000 rpm, maximum power at 5500.

The motor is interesting not only for its huge volume, but also for its unusual combination of modern and outdated technical solutions. There are only two valves per cylinder, but at the same time, a variable valve timing system is used. Also used a lower camshaft with a rod-driven valve. They returned to this solution because of its reliability and cheapness. Plus, the motor turns out to be a little more compact, making it easier to fit into the engine compartment. Buyers just get a kick out of the low rpm breakdown.

So far, we can only guess how much the 7.3-liter V8 with two turbochargers will give out. Enthusiasts have already built similar configurations in their garages, power sometimes goes beyond 1100 hp. In the factory version, more modest numbers are likely to be obtained, but even in this case, the motor will not be equal. According to the Ford Authority forecast, the Godzilla engine with two turbines will find application not only in commercial vehicles: fans of drag racing will line up for it. The release date of such a powerful internal combustion engine has not yet been specified. In the US, a naturally aspirated 7.3-liter V8 assembly costs $ 7,000.

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