Electric cars KIA and Hyundai will get the function of fast charging

Electric cars KIA and Hyundai will get the function of fast charging


One of the most interesting features of the new Porsche Taycan is its charging system, 800 volts, which allowed the electric car to drive 3424,8 km in just 24 hours.

While Taycan Turbo is estimated from 150 to 900 US dollars, it technology 800-volt charging will soon be available on more affordable cars. This will happen very soon – Hyundai and KIA announced that, beginning in 2021, their electric vehicles will be equipped with 800-volt architecture, able to withstand charging to 350 kW.

To maximize the potential of future electric vehicles, Korean companies invested in Ionity, the European joint enterprise charging based BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen Group. The company declined to say how much money they invest in the firm, but announced that the investment will help to increase the availability of charging stations in Europe, and will also allow them to future electric vehicles “to accommodate the maximum charging power Ionity 350 kW”.

Currently Ionity has about 140 charging stations throughout the EU and currently under construction, more than 50. It is planned that by 2020, will open 400 fast charging stations, at least one every 120 km along major European motorways.


There is no information about what Hyundai and KIA are the first to use fast charging technology, but the company said its recent partnership with the Rimac, which is intended to lead the development of high-performance electric vehicles. Rumors suggest that this partnership can help to generate the production version of the once popular concept car Genesis Essentia.

Charging in 15 minutes is 80% enough to abandon the internal combustion engine?

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