Electric cars Polestar 2 started to ship in Europe

Electric cars Polestar 2 started to ship in Europe


Electric liftback 2 Polestar debuted about half a year ago, and in the spring of 2020, the Swedish brand started producing cars at a new plant in China. On Saturday 27 Jun, started deliveries of electric cars in Europe.

Based Polestar 2 is the architecture of the CMA, and under the floor is a traction battery capacity of 78 kW/h 2 motor in total developing 408 HP (660 Nm), model accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and can pass on one charge of up to 470 km along the WLTP cycle.

At the moment electric cars brought to Belgium where it is planned to conduct the final test of quality control, and in August they will give Swedish and Norwegian customers.


The next batch of electric cars Polestar 2 will send to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, UK and, in fact, Belgium, and by the end of the year car will be delivered to customers in Switzerland. The initial cost of an electric car on the German market is 55 825 euros.

In addition, it was noted earlier that Koenigsegg and Polestar are working together on “something exciting”. Mysterious new show on the West coast of Sweden.

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