Electric cars Tesla will teach you to communicate with other members of the movement

Electric cars Tesla will teach you to communicate with other members of the movement


Electric cars Tesla in the near future can get a new function, which will be able to speak with the pedestrians. This is stated in the comments of Elon musk on Twitter. It is expected that American cars will be equipped with special external speakers.

All of the new technologies are still kept secret. According to Engadget, with the help of this function, the driver will be able to communicate with other road users or pedestrians, not opening the window. The exact timing of the appearance of this system at the Tesla cars is still unknown.

In addition, Tesla cars in the future will get the option to change the tone and sound of traffic at low speeds to warn pedestrians. According to Elon musk, the sound of the movement will sound the clatter of his horse, and as the horn – bleating of a goat. It’s not clear whether this is a joke Elon musk. According to preliminary data, a variety of sounds drivers will be able to download by using special apps.


There are also plans to equip electric cars Tesla special security mode Sentry Mode, one of the functions of which will be loud playback works “Toccata and Fugue in d minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach during a hijacking attempt. The work will sometimes be reproduced in the metal-processing.

Recently, Tesla has released a major update to its multimedia Suite, allows you to watch videos from YouTube and Netflix, and play computer games. Also in 2019, the company has developed a special mode, Dog Mode, which allows owners of electric cars to leave your pet in the cabin unattended. When activated dog mode the climate control will continue to ventilate the interior space and to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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