Electric cars will destroy Japan

Electric cars will destroy Japan


Toyota President Akio Toyoda has sharply criticized electric cars. According to the head of the company, following global trends threatens to disaster the Japanese economy.

Akio Toyoda says that currently there are 2 ways: to purposefully release electric cars for overseas markets, or to stop production in principle. Earlier, the head of Toyota explained that the massive electrification of Japan’s car fleet threatens an energy collapse.

In the second case, according to Akio Toyoda, more than 8 million cars will not leave the assembly line, which means the loss of most of the 5.5 million jobs.

“If we are told that the internal combustion engine is the enemy, then we will not be able to produce almost any vehicles,” – quotes Akio Toyoda Today UK News.

The head of Toyota continues to insist that the electrification path should have alternatives depending on the specific region. He also notes that automakers should strive to produce vehicles with lower emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of production.

Akio Toyoda is confident that hybrids should be a step between cars with internal combustion engines and electric cars: they are more affordable, allow them to be operated in countries with an undeveloped charging station infrastructure, to soften the blow to employees who are engaged in the production of gasoline and diesel engines and related nomenclature. As an argument, Toyoda cited the company’s calculations: 18.1 million Toyota hybrid cars, which were sold over the entire time, are equivalent to if 5.5 million electric cars were sold – there is no such result in any car manufacturer in the world.

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