Electric Cerato: 490 km for $28.000

Electric Cerato: 490 km for $28.000


KIA unveiled an electric version of the K3 sedan, which is known to us under the name of Cerato. Organic trehobemnyh designed for the Chinese market, different in appearance from the versions with internal combustion engines only blue accents and is equipped with uncontested 184-horsepower Continental motor.

Learn electric version of the KIA K3 is difficult: the designers styled the front plug under the radiator grille of the normal version of the old left bumper and adapted the fill tube under the charging connector. In the interior of the filling resembles the piping of the ducts and the corresponding interface.

Although the architecture of the chassis is identical to the conventional gasoline version, the engineers managed to place under the cabin floor and trunk of the traction battery with a total capacity of 56.5 per kilowatt-hour, so the reserve of the novelty of decent – 490 miles on the NEDC cycle.


Electric motor manufacturing Continental Automotive Systems produces 184 horsepower and 310 Nm of torque. Drive to the front axle.

Sales of the electric version of the KIA K3 in China will begin in June, and the first customers will receive electric cars in September. Prices call closer to the start of sales, but it is unlikely that the novelty will cost less than 200 thousand yuan ($28 300).

Outside China, the electric version of the Cerato is unlikely to appear, because the hybrid versions of sedan and remained a product for the domestic market.

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