Electric circuit Maeving RM1

Electric circuit Maeving RM1


E-bike startups often try to combine retro style with modern technology. And it’s hard to blame them for abusing it, since the classics are timeless and will always be popular. British startup Maeving has followed suit with the RM1 electric bike.

The lightweight electric bike is hand-assembled in Coventry, but the 2021 models have already sold out, so the company is looking to pre-order for the next one.

Features of Maeving RM1:

  • the ability to install two battery packs to increase the range
  • one block is enough for 65 km
  • it takes 3.5 hours to charge from a regular outlet
  • maximum speed 72 km / h
  • from £ 4,995 (second battery pack £ 1,195)
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