Electric Corvette set a new speed record

Electric Corvette set a new speed record


American company Genovation with his development of GXE at the Chevrolet Corvette set a new speed record for electric cars are allowed to drive on public roads. Video roll published to YouTube.

A record check conducted at the landfill Space center of a name of John Kennedy on Merritt island, Florida. The electric car could accelerate to 338,28 km/h, 2 km/h faster than his previous achievements.


Electric supercar Genovation GXE was presented at the beginning of 2018 at the consumer electronics show CES in Las Vegas. The car is equipped with two electric motors on the rear axle, which together give out over 800 HP and 948 nm of torque. Claimed acceleration from zero to “hundreds” less than 3 s, and its maximum speed is 354 km per hour.

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