Electric coupe from the son of the former boss of Volkswagen went to the tests

Electric coupe from the son of the former boss of Volkswagen went to the tests


The Swiss firm Piech Automotive, co-founded by the son of the former head of Volkswagen Ferdinand Piech Tony, has begun the first tests of a prototype of the promising two-seat coupe Piech GT, which was shown in the form of a show car in 2019.

Klaus Schmidt, who served as head of BMW M for almost 30 years, will be in charge of the tests. After the completion of the first tests, the company plans to release a second car in March 2022, and by the end of next year – several more pre-production cars. The Piech GT will reach serial production (the company wants to build 1200 copies a year) in 2024.

The coupe reaches 4432, 1991 and 1250 mm in length, width and height, that is, the dimensions roughly correspond to the Porsche 911. The weight of the Swiss car is 1800 kg, which is 500 kg less than that of the Porsche Taycan. The Piech GT is driven by three electric motors (two synchronous and one asynchronous), their total power is 600 hp. They draw their energy from a high-voltage battery. Its capacity has not been disclosed, but it supports charging stations up to 380 kW. The range of the coupe on a single charge is estimated at 500 km, acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h takes 3 seconds.

Piech Automotive plans to sell its new product in Europe, China and the USA, while in the future the model line will be expanded with an SUV and a sedan. Where the assembly will take place is still a mystery, but it is known that these will be the production facilities of a third-party company. Piech Automotive Sales Manager Jochen Rudat, who previously held a similar position at Tesla, promised that “interested buyers will soon be able to reserve their own GT and benefit even before sales begin.

There is no information about the cost of the first car of the young Swiss brand yet.

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