Electric coupe Vega EVX: 800 strength and a price of 250 thousand dollars

Electric coupe Vega EVX: 800 strength and a price of 250 thousand dollars


Vega Innovations from Sri Lanka said characteristics EVX electric supercar and named a price. Coupe which will officially present at the Geneva motor show, will be equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of 804 horsepower, and cost of such car will be about $ 250,000.

Based on Vega EVX is spatial frame and chassis with suspension double wishbones front and rear (with rods tappets). The outer panels of the supercar is made from carbon. The weight of 2090 pounds. Previously it was assumed that twin-engine power plant “VEGA” will issue a 408 forces (720 Nm), but according to the revised data, the total capacity of 804 power (760 Nm). Claimed the dynamics of dispersal to hundred – 3.1 seconds.

Traction lithium-iron-phosphate battery with liquid cooling composed of 12 modules of 50 cells each. Its capacity is 40 kWh, and weighs 480 pounds. There is support for fast charging power of 120 kW. The cruising range of the electric vehicle is relatively small – just 250 kilometers. Some know-how, the company applied to the arrangement of the battery cells, the control system power supply and control software, but the details did not disclose.


The equipment Vega EVX will include Electromechanical power steering, brake calipers sectionseven, the system of semi-Autonomous driving lane control, recognition of signs and pedestrians.

The company Vega Innovations is part of CodeGen Group, whose core business software development. Chief Executive officer Harsha Subasinghe holds a degree in artificial intelligence and software agents; the Director strategic planning is Been Kalapalo, formerly a technical Director at Intel.

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