Electric crossover Aiways U5 will offer the Europeans in the spring of 2020

Electric crossover Aiways U5 will offer the Europeans in the spring of 2020


Electric Aiways U5, prototypes of which passed in August of 14 thousand kilometers from the Chinese XI’an to Frankfurt, plan to sell in Europe. It is expected that the base price of the SUV from China will not exceed 25 thousand euros, so that the electric car will Aiways be one of the cheapest offerings on the market.

Chinese SUV will be the first crossover from China in the European market and the first model, which aims to deal with the bestselling electromagnet – Tesla Model 3. Startup Aiways will offer buyers not only a low price: the U5 overall length 4680 mm, modern design, led optics, low coefficient of aerodynamic drag (0,29), a curb weight of 1730 kg and a claimed cruising range of 500 to 600 kilometers in the NEDC cycle.

Base price in Europe hatchback Volkswagen ID.3 length of 4260 millimeters will amount to 30 thousand euros, and comparable in size to the Jaguar Aiways I-Pace is estimated at 80 thousand euros.


Powerplant Aiways U5 uncontested: on the front axle is a 231-horsepower (torque 390 Nm) of the electric motor, the capacity of lithium-ion battery – 63 kilowatt-hours, and at desire it is possible to order the crossover with an additional battery capacity of 18 kilowatt-hours. The basis of U5 modular aluminum platform MAS with front suspension type McPherson, rear “memorycache”.

The Chinese rely on demand in those countries where the government subsidizes the purchase of electric cars: priority markets – Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. The necessary certificates and permits for the start of sales has already been received. In the domestic market all the bureaucratic procedures are also completed: start of sales in China scheduled for November 29.

In the future Aiways intend to release on the MAS platform, a whole range of models, from sports coupes to minivans. The development of the “driverkey” version does Roland Gumpert, the “father” of the Audi Quattro and Creator of the eponymous supercar Apollo.

Can we call Aiways U5 beautiful?

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