Electric crossover Cadillac Lyriq energized from advanced battery Ultium

Electric crossover Cadillac Lyriq energized from advanced battery Ultium


The concern General Motors has presented the electric scalable platform and self-developed advanced battery system Ultium. Already this year they will be used for the construction of “green” models included in the GM brands: Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick. Scheduled for April premiere of the first electric models of Cadillac crossover Lyriq.

Electric “trolley” new generation debuted on the Cruise drone Origin at the end of January this year. The architecture is quite flexible, so GM can build it electric cars with front, rear and two wheel drive (the concern shared by regular and sport version). Battery Ultium allow cars to pass without charging more than 400 miles (644 kilometers).

It was developed by their own research departments and allows the GM to assemble the cell taking into account the specifics of individual models. Battery packs (pouch-bag) is installed inside the unit vertically or horizontally, that gives the engineers some freedom of action, clarify the company. Ultium capacity varies from 50 to 200 kilowatt-hours. Battery operated under a voltage of 400 or 800 volts and supports charging power up to 350 kW.

Another model, built on a new platform, will be an electric crossover Cadillac Lyriq that looks similar to the Range Rover Velar. Then, the presentation of a pickup truck GMC Chevrolet Hummer EV and EV. At the 2022 planned launch of Bolt EUV, which will be introduced first highway autopilot for Super Cruise from Cadillac. And by 2023 the system will be another 23 new models.


To release electric cars will start from the end of 2021, the Detroit plant D-HAM. The amount of investment in the company will amount to $ 2.2 billion.

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