Electric crossover Hycan 007 is preparing to enter

Electric crossover Hycan 007 is preparing to enter


The joint venture of GAC and Nio launched the first model under the brand Hycan – electric crossover Hycan 007.

Hycan 007 is an impressive crossover design which, according to the developers, played the number 7, in particular, styled under her all-led optics. The car has the following dimensions: length 4 mm 879, 937 width 1 mm, height 1 680 mm wheel base length of 2 mm. 919 Among other distinctive features of the electric car – retractable door handles and a set of 19 – or 20-inch wheels to choose from.

Form of seven received and the instrument panel with three screens. For infotainment system has 12.3-inch displays, and the center console is 10-inch touch screen responsible for managing the climate control and other secondary systems. Multimedia complex is managed including by voice.

Hycan 007 is equipped with a quasi-autopilot-level 2, that is, the adaptive cruise control with hold function of the car in the lane. In addition, the novelty will receive a tracking system for driver fatigue, the automatic Parking and chamber of the circular review. The screen broadcast images from the cabin camera, which is aimed at the back row of seats, or with a camera drone, which is provided as the branded option.


Technical details manufacturer prefers not to reveal, but it is known that the crossover with zero emissions of CO2 will get one motor and a traction battery capacity of 73 kWh, making Hycan 007 is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds and drive on a single charge up to 523 km. in addition, the crossover gets a twin-engine modifications Plus and Top with the battery at 93 kWh, which is capable to disperse the car to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds and provides a cruising range of 643 km.

The Chinese dealers have already started taking orders for the electric crossovers Hycan 007 at price from 38 to 58 thousand dollars. The start of sales is scheduled for April 2020.

Hycan and Taycan in tune. Why do you think?

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