Electric Ducati will not!

Electric Ducati will not!


The new statement is in stark contrast to comments made by Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali in 2019. Less than two years ago, Domenicali hinted that Ducati had already started work on an electric motorcycle and that the world might soon see the fruits of this effort.

“The future belongs to electricity, we are not far from the start of serial production,” said the top manager.

These comments sent shockwaves through the industry as fans tried to imagine what a Ducati electric motorcycle might look like. But now Ducati appears to distance itself from any form of electrification for the immediate future.

The company’s vice president of global sales and board member Francesca Milicia recently explained that electric motorcycles are not part of the company’s plans.

“Will we be producing an electric Ducati soon? Not. For the cars we make now, we think an electric motorcycle cannot guarantee the enjoyment, range, weight and much more that Ducati drivers expect. We are also looking closely at other zero-to-zero-emission solutions such as synthetic fuels. Other brands in our group, such as Porsche, are looking at it, and we are looking at it in the medium term, ”Milicia quoted speedme.ru as saying.

As battery technology advances, electric motorcycles like those owned by Italian motorcycle manufacturer Energica now offer a range of up to 400 km. A recent study also found that more than half of all young motorcyclists are positive about switching to electric motorcycles, although many are still intimidated by higher prices.

However, a new wave of low-cost electric motorcycles could change that. Bikes like the SONDORS Metacycle hit the market for as little as $ 5,000, potentially removing one of the last barriers to wider adoption of electric motorcycles.

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