Electric FF 91 showed “ultra-luxury” interior

Electric FF 91 showed “ultra-luxury” interior


The first and only model FF 91 American electric startup Faraday Future was first introduced at the beginning of 2017, but due to a steady series of financial difficulties, its production has not yet begun, and until today was not even declassified the interior. Now, finally, we were allowed to look inside – there is something to see.

Short and difficult life Faraday Future we’ve highlighted a month ago, when it became known about the preparation the company to IPO (initial public offering) and the Declaration of bankruptcy of the founder to lose their billions Chinese businessman Jia Latina. Sale of stock, coupled with support from Chinese game developer The9 needs to ensure the launch of a crossover FF 91 on a private California company about a year.

Car, recall, was created as a potential “Tesla killer”, but is now positioned as an elite product segment ultra-luxury, with all the ensuing consequences – high price (about 200 thousand dollars) and a bunch of “bells and whistles” in the cabin, which it was decided to demonstrate at the auto show in Los Angeles.


Wheelbase 3,200 mm the maximum allowed is spacious to accommodate four individual seats, and the main – rear: they are equipped with electrically adjustable in 14 directions, plus a separate 4 for lumbar support. The backrest can tilt as much as 60 degrees, which will comfortably take a NAP in the road. The gasket with the so-called zero gravity borrowed from the NASA experts, provides optimal load distribution; it also has a built heating system, massage and ventilation for the ultimate in relaxation artificial intelligence that monitors the status of each passenger, in the mode Spa Mode will select the appropriate music and lighting. The front seats are not worse, but apparently with simplified functionality.

Just inside FF 91 posted 11 displays that, frankly, is overkill, but susceptible to the word “luxury” customers that will certainly impress. The large 27-inch TV folds down from the roof and is designed for rear riders. They also addressed the tablet on the centre armrest. In front of the driver – four-monitor: 15.4-inch on the center console, 11.6-inch above the steering column, the projection screen in the windshield (the diagonal is not specified, but States that it is the biggest in the industry) and three-section 10.1-inch digital mirror view, which gives pictures from the outdoor cameras. At the front of the passenger front there is a separate “TV”. Complement this media Arsenal four door screen, who are tied with locks and duplicated the settings of the climate.

Aboard the FF 91 is equipped with three high-speed 4G LTE modem for continuous connection of the electric vehicle to the Internet. It is assumed the so-called seamless penetration into the car, the doors will open automatically at the command of the smartphone, and the riders can be prepared in advance in accordance with their network profiles in the atmosphere – each will provide the most suitable mood and time of day the multimedia content. To conduct all this “music” will be the aforementioned artificial intelligence.

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For any new technology introduction no. Faraday Future FF 91 is built on the original modular platform has three electric motors with total capacity of 783 kW (1065 HP) and a battery of 130 kWh, a full charge which is enough for 608 km of mileage on the EPA cycle.

On its website Faraday Future while only taking pre-orders for FF 91 in the form of electronic registration, promising to inform potential customers about when the car finally can be bought. Not the fact that this momentous event will ever occur.

If you wanted to stay in the SUV FF 91?

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